We hit our 4 year mark in Laredo back in August and I am amazed that we have been on assignment here that long.  I have wanted to jump ship so many times.  Being homesick is literally no joke!  Laredo has been home to us for 4 years, but there is absolutely no place like home.  I will always and forever be a Florida girl no matter where God sends me!  

Updates about our life journey here in Laredo:

We are still where the Lord planted us, but have had some difficulties blooming where we have been planted.  We have identified some inner issues that we have had to have assistance from God with on why blooming has been an issue, but also have struggled with why it has been so hard to receive continued support while out here.  I believe that many look at time schedules and feel or believe that by now our family should be settled and situated.  Unfortunately, in the life of a missionary it never seems to pan out the way people envision it to be.  It was extremely hard to leave a life where we both worked to support our family, and turn into full-time missionaries.  The full-time status was unfortunately short-lived as we were unable to obtain the monthly support that was needed to sustain our family of five.  My husband had to return to the work-force where he struggled to take care of us due to the wages in South Texas are extremely low, and most people have to work 1 1/2 jobs to keep their head above water.  We went through a series of losses while my husband worked full-time, such as him being laid off and not being able to find employment for about 6 months.  During that unemployment stage, we lost our second vehicle and several other things due to loss of income.  I went to a dark place mentally and questioned literally everything that I had said yes to God about.  I stayed in a dark place for almost 2 years and finally decided to seek counsel from my Pastor here in Laredo.  He walked me and my husband through some profound counseling methods and had us dig deep on things we needed God to help us be delivered from.  I know for myself, I needed to be delivered from resenting the very fact that I decided to become a missionary.  I’ve known since I was 19 years old that I was called to travel the world and minister/help God’s people, but I never envisioned all of the obstacles that would be faced in doing so.  I never imagined going without simple things like a refrigerator, a car, and sometimes furniture.  Many have no idea of the extremes we faced as I battled being embarrassed and having people tell us that we missed God (which we have been told before, but thank God we didn’t listen).  I know many do not understand the extremity of missionary callings, but we know that God ultimately is our provider and guide.  I am asking for all that can to please keep us in your prayers as we continue on our journey here.  We have learned over the past few years that your calling into ministry may not look like others who are called to do the same thing as you.  We are to compliment one another in whatever way that we can, and not judge just because we don’t see what we think we should see.  I have embraced that my life as a missionary here in Laredo is more of an intimate one wherein we meet people and they can show us the most vulnerable parts of themselves with no judgement from us.  We have been able to encourage marriages, children, and young adults in ways that we never imagined we would.  I have had prominent people say to me, “how do you do it?” Meaning, how do you do so much with so little?  Little do they know that it is the Lord’s supernatural strength that keeps me and my family doing what He has called us to do, and that is to show LOVE!  I love that fact that God has selected my family to come to Laredo and show genuine love to His people.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and please share our story with others as we are in need of constant prayers and support. If you have prayer requests of would like to sow into our family/ministry.  You can do so through PayPal.  Our username islakeeshaadams@yahoo.com.  Please remember no amount is too small to assist.  We love and appreciate all who took the time to read this.  God Bless you all, 

Devonne and Lakeesha Adams (Adams children)