I just want to say that stepping off the boat to walk on the water with Jesus is quite an experience.  I, too have sunk a little like Peter did because I took my eyes off of Jesus and looked at the winds and the waves.  Being so far away from home and all of its’ comforts is beyond hard.  To be away from friends and family is unexplainable.  I will say that by and by I will begin to see the fruit of my labor that forsaking my comfort for the gospel is Christ is well worth it.  I ask and pray that you all keep me and my family in your prayers as we continue our God assignment here in Laredo.  We need the prayers really bad!!!  I don’t want to give up when I know there are many more we are to impact for the Kingdom of God.  We love you all and Lord knows we miss Florida!!!  Be Blessed and please let others know that we are not only in need of prayers, but partners to sow into our family/ministry.  No amount is too small to assist!