We’re embarking on our three year anniversary in Laredo as missionaries.  I’ve said it before in previous updates that what others think missionary work is have no idea that it entails more than feeding the poor, clothing the naked, and teaching others about Jesus.  It entails a lot of prayer, preparation, and networking.  There are a lot of opportunities to minister and serve not only in Laredo, but all over the world; however, we have to stay in prayer to link up with the right agencies/ministries.  Many are unaware of the hardships that we have encountered to share our services of love.  There are a lot of obstacles that we have to overcome and many of them are overcome by prayers.  This has been a season of intercession for Devonne and I and those who are prayer partners with us.  Through intercessory prayer, God has given us more insight on who to link up with and when.  When we initially moved here, we were linking up with various ministries and agencies and not particularly getting confirmation from God on whether or not to work with them; because of that we encountered heartache and disappointments.  I am learning day by day, that we are to seek God before doing ANYTHING!!!  I love my new found prayer life and ask and pray that you all join along with us to pray for more open doors to serve and minister to God’s people here and abroad.  There is still a desperate need of funds as we are doing this full-time and do all that we can to raise funds to not only take care of our family of five, but also to be able to assist other ministries/agencies.  We love you all, and be blessed!!!