We have officially hit two years as full-time missionaries here in Laredo, Texas! We are super excited for this announcement because when we first moved to Laredo we were told by some notable missionaries who had been here for several years that statistically speaking most who come to Laredo as missionaries don’t last two years. They are normally burnt out, run off by non-support, or just plain out of ideas. I have learned when people give me information, even though it may not be of significance initially to store it for future reference and go back and reflect on how their statements have impacted me. Their statement of the two year staying length has impacted me immensely wherein we know that it was indeed God who kept us here. I have kicked and screamed, had complete temper-tantrums and been completely depressed about my stay here. I will definitely expound on the depression statement later in the blog. Thanks be to God for praying friends and family that helped me get through those tough times I went through these past two years.

Update on our journey and work in Laredo:

For the past year my husband and I were spinning our wheels trying to see what God wanted us to do here. We were praying, fasting, and crying out to Him, but missed the most important element of prayer which is making our petitions made known but also listening and waiting from a response from God. We thought as missionaries we had to be busy-bodies staying on the go doing things like feeding the homeless and building churches. We were so caught up in the acts that we forgot about the true part which is spirit building. We were depleted spiritually and were running on empty trying to come up with things to do to show people we were truly called by God to be missionaries. (I say we a lot, but it was more mainly me who was doing all of the brainstorming.) We did so much brainstorming and had exhausted all like the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:26 where it says, “She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse.” “Grew worse,” those words make me cringe as I type right now because that’s exactly what occurred when we were doing things in our own strength and not relying on answers from God for the prayers we prayed.

Earlier I stated that I had a bout with depression, and it all stemmed from the “grew worse” scenarios in our lives. I feel free enough now to even say that I was depressed. For a while I convinced myself that I was just homesick. I know homesickness can cause sorrow, but I was way past the sorrow that many experience when they’re away from home for long periods of time. I literally cried every day. I had happy days, but during some time of the day I had a down moment and cried uncontrollably. My condition had gotten so bad that at one point I decided I did not want to do this “ministry” thing anymore and just live my life. Crazy part about that decision was that I started encountering others who were on the verge of giving up and I had the audacity to convince them to continue to persevere through their challenges. Many of those same people came back and reciprocated the encouragement and helped me fight through the demonic forces of depression. The fight was not an overnight thing, but the deliverance I received has caused others around me including my own children to see how severe demonic attacks can be. My daughter told me that since I received deliverance she sees a whole new me. She told me that I stayed locked up in my dark room and was very somber. It broke my heart to hear her tell me those things about myself; Nonetheless, I thank God for her honesty as it assisted with me really seeing how negatively impactful the depression spirit was on me. I truly thank God for His freedom, and that Christ defeated depression and so many other destructive demonic spirits on the cross!!!

I pray my testimony has been a blessing to all who have read it. We are still pursuing the Lord for more insight about our assignment here in Laredo and are excited to hear the plans He has for the Adams Family Ministry. If this has been a blessing to you, and you feel led to sow into our family/ministry, please go to Paypal.com and under lakeeshaadams@yahoo.com you will be able to make a donation, or you can mail a donation to The Adams Family Ministries at: P.O. Box 450514 Laredo, TX 78045. As stated earlier, we are full-time and my husband is currently the only one working in our family which is limited income. We rely on the support of those who are inspired by God to sow into us to meet the deficit that we have on a monthly basis.

If you ever have any prayer requests or would like for us to speak at your ministries, we can be reached via email at lakeeshaadams@yahoo.com or via Facebook on our page titled, Plant a seed reap a harvest.

We love you all. Be blessed.

Yours in Christ,

Lakeesha Adams