I know that a New Year encompasses many things such as resolutions, new goals, and new aspirations.  Coming into 2014 I asked the Lord to help me to attain all of the God-inspired goals He has given me.  I have asked this request previously and was in sort of a state of confusion as to why some of these God-inspired goals/desires weren’t manifesting.  God answered this very question yesterday by speaking through our guest speaker at church yesterday.  The Bishop made a statement yesterday where he said, “2014 will look just like 2013 if there isn’t a change in your heart.”  I sat there for a while asking God what does He mean by that statement.  The Bishop began to expound  more and he said that there are hidden sins in our hearts that only God can see that hinders us from receiving all that God has for us.  I kept asking God exactly what have I hidden in my heart that has hindered me in years past.  One of the major things He pointed out to me was the sin of unforgiveness.  I couldn’t believe that I had harbored such a horrible thing in my heart for the past year and 1/2.  There were so many unfortunate situations that occurred to my family since moving here and the majority of the situations that occurred were due to people not fulfilling their promises and commitments that they had made to my family.  Coming into full-time ministry took a lot of faith and trust that those who said they would be there would actually do that, and be there.  To no avail, many failed at their commitment which left me feeling hurt, abandoned, and full of offense.  I did not realize that harboring unforgiveness in my heart hindered my effectiveness in ministry also.  Seriously, how could I assist anyone with breaking free from bondage when I myself was bound?  I thank God that He loves me so much that He sent a corrective and direct word that spoke directly to my broken heart.  I gave all that was in my heart to Him yesterday at the altar, and now I am free from every yoke of bondage and sin!!! Hallelujah!!!  I give God all the glory for His faithfulness.  I declare that this year will be one of freedom, goal attaining, and prosperity due to my willingness to allow God to see my heart and cleanse it.  If Devonne and I have been a blessing to you and your family and you would like to sow financially into our family/ministry, please click the donation link and know that no amount is too small to help.  We also ask that you all continue to keep us lifted in prayer as were are out here in the battlefield praying and lifting God’s people up to Him. 

We love and thank you all,

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