March 26th, 2013

It has been over two months since my last blog post.  I haven’t blogged for several reasons, but have longed for it like crazy.  Since I’ve last blogged, God has done some phenomenal things in the lives of me and my family.  For one, we have been able to move into a home of our own that only God could have blessed us with.  I was extremely timid when the door opened up for us to view the home as it is in a neighborhood that we know we could not afford.  We decided to step out on faith and view the home and seek the Lord as to whether or not the house was for us.  God confirmed with both me and my husband that the house was for us, but there was the one thing of the rent.  The rent exceeded what we could afford on a monthly basis.  Oddly enough, God told us to take it.  Since I’ve moved to Laredo I have learned one thing about God and that is when He tells you to trust Him, do just that.  Don’t waver, don’t second guess, and don’t try to make logic out of His instruction because His thoughts are not our thoughts.  We have to understand that we serve an all seeing and all knowing God who has our best interests at hand.  I cannot explain with my human brain why God would tell us to take a home that we cannot afford on our own, but He did and I trust Him with everything that is in me for His provision.  Choosing to step out into full-time ministry to serve God’s people has taught me true reliance on God.  Many have no idea of the tormenting thoughts that try to come my way to not trust God and His promises that He would never leave or forsake me.

Sitting here patiently waiting on supernatural provision has also taught me to trust in His discernment as well.  There are many who mean well by offering to partner up with you for ministry ventures or even instruct you to get under the leading of those who have walked the missionary path before.  I have no problem with linking up with whom the Lord leads us to, but refuse to link up with someone due to their notoriety of others.  The season that my husband and I are in is one of being separate from the distractions so that we can truly hear the voice of God.  I felt awkward as I felt as if I should have weekly reports to show people what we’re doing here in Laredo, but God told me to be still and focus on the prayer points He had given me and my husband for the city of Laredo.  What I wasn’t understanding was before we could walk the streets and feed His people, we needed to be fully equipped as we will be entering a realm of warfare that if ill-equipped would consume us.  I have become more at peace with God and His plans for me and my family and am excited to see how everything will pan out for us.  We have not given up on God’s commissioning to feed his sheep, but have directed our focus on how to properly and effectively feed His sheep.  I pray that all who read this blog is inspired by what the Lord has given me regarding sharpening our discernment while patiently waiting for His instructions.

If you are able to assist with a financial donation, we will greatly appreciate it as it assists us with properly taking care of our family and tending to the ministry needs that we do here in Laredo.  Your prayers are also needed and appreciated.

Yours in Christ,

Lakeesha Adams

P.O. Box 450514

Laredo, TX  78045