Our move from Florida to Texas was quite an adventure.  We encountered flat tires, severe allergic reaction to bug bites, my husband being pulled over by the cops who thought we were smuggling drugs in our Uhaul truck, and the list goes on and on.  At one point so many things were occurring that I began to chuckle hysterically to prevent from crying.  We made it to Beaumont, Texas where we stayed with family to get refreshed and geared up for another long day of driving through the huge state of Texas.  After 2 days of driving in the hot summer heat we finally made it to our destination of Laredo, Texas!  We were welcomed by a team from the church who helped us unpack our Uhaul truck that contained all of our possessions from Florida.  There were so many of my pictures that had broken into pieces due to the traffic stop my husband incurred in Mississippi where the cop rummaged through our truck searching for drug paraphernalia (in my sarcastic voice).  I felt like I had been torn to pieces looking at my pictures.  The Lord reminded me that obedience comes with a cost, but He is so faithful that He will repay all that was lost during the transition.  Yes I had lost precious pictures that I worked so hard for to decorate my home, but God has bigger rewards in store and He just wants me to sit tight, thank Him for what I still have, and wait for my blessing.  The first night in our new home I fought with so many emotions that I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I thank God for my husband and my close friend Jaime who rode all the way down from Jacksonville to help us move.  Jaime stayed up and consoled me and told me that she felt a peace about us being here in Laredo.  Through the tears I accepted her words and cried myself to sleep.  The next morning was even more emotional due to us having to get up and drive Jaime to San Antonio to fly home to Jacksonville.  I sobbed uncontrollably the whole morning because Jaime was my last piece of familiarity in a strange land.  I almost felt as if I were being punished and placed on a deserted island with my family.  God reminded me that my perception was warped and that I need to take this time of unfamiliarity to learn more about myself and my family.  What a weird word from the Lord.  Really God, “take time to get to know myself?”  I already know myself inwards and outwards so I thought.  I begin to learn that I need more patience, more prayer time, and the willingness to sit still and hear responses from God once I pour my heart out to Him in prayer.

It’s been a whole month since we’ve been here and I must say I am impressed at the seamless transition my children have made.  New school, new friends, new city, and they’re still upbeat and positive.  Praise be to God for that!!!  Considering we are in a completely different setting than Jacksonville, Florida my children have shown their ability to adapt to any environment that they are placed in.  I guess I can say that I have learned how to be resilient  from my children.  It seems as if the very thing that God tells us to do and we chuckle at Him about it, we end up doing it and thanking Him for it.  Earlier I stated that God told me to learn myself and my family.  I actually have done just that.  I have learned the beautiful attributes I have such as a friendly spirit and the ability to make friends easily, and the not-so-beautiful things about myself like sometimes doubting God’s plans.  Either way, I can honestly say that this move is not just for the people of Laredo like I first assumed, it has a lot to do with the process to transform me and my family into the kingdom workers God originally created us to be.  There have been so many twists and turns in the plans that my husband and I had for our stay here that we finally put our plans in the trash and told God He can take the wheel and steer us where He sees fit.  For those reading this, always remember when God calls you He may not give you all the details of the calling, but know that because they came from Him they are exactly what you need and the people He sends you to needs.  Please keep my family in your prayers as we are still standing in faith for financial support while we’re here doing a work of the Lord.

If you would like to assist financially in any way, please feel free to contact me at lakeeshaadams@yahoo.com and I can give you the organization information to send any financial donations to.

Yours in Christ,

Lakeesha Adams